WaggonTracker STD - Standard

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Den WaggonTracker STD gibt es ab sofort auch mit ATEX-Zulassung



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WaggonTracker STD - Standard

The WaggonTracker STD is a self-sufficient durable position tracking and mileage capture system for freight cars. Vehicle position is tracked using a GPS system and the calculation of mileage is based on the evaluation of the wheel speed, electronically without contact or mechanical wear on components (i.e. this is done by pulse counting within the generator hub).

Autonomous power supply

WaggonTracker's integrated generator offers a durable and reliable energy source for waggons.


A rechargeable buffer battery ensures the operation of the system at standstill and low speed. The battery is charged by the generator at vehicle speeds above 20 km/h.

With the WaggonTracker STD, the position and the mileage of rail vehicles is easily traceable as this information is automatically uploaded from the vehicle to a central database on a user-defined periodic basis. The position co-ordinates and mileage count is then transferred via GPRS (or if upon request – satellite) to a central server for storage and processing.


For logistics, freight car owners, maintenance and operators the WaggonTracker STD enables efficient and inexpensive fleet management, as never before. WaggonTracker is robust and durable and is the one of most dependable systems available for detection and monitoring of freight cars.

The visualisation of the Output of current position and record of historic data can be viewed on Google maps or similar products.  Using standard server software a web service can be used to securely transfer this data to any other system of your choosing. Automated processing of data becomes possible.

Features WaggonTracker STD

The WaggonTracker STD offers the functionality that is necessary for the detection of mileage and the positioning of a wagon. In contrast to the WaggonTracker MC the WaggonTracker STD can record the exact position of the vehicle by an integrated GPRS module.


WaggonTracker Platform

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