WaggonTracker ADV - Advanced

WaggonTracker ADV - Advanced "Additional measurement data transmission from external sensors"

Connectivity for external sensors/systems

The WaggonTracker ADV is a self-sufficient durable position tracking and mileage capture system for freight cars, which includes an additional module that can monitor up to 10 external sensors via digital and analogue input ports as well as a separate RS 485 / CAN-BUS interface for integration with other systems.


With WaggonTracker ADV, wagon performance metrics can be readily attained, such as:


  • Load condition
  • Braking condition (e.g. hand brake on/off, or blockage)
  • Running behaviour
  • Temperature of axle box
  • Door status (open or closed)
  • Indoor humidity and temperature readings for covered wagons
  • Location and value of high acceleration (i.e. impact detection)
  • Alarm message
  • etc.

Autonomous power supply

WaggonTracker's integrated generator offers a durable and reliable energy source for waggons.


A rechargeable buffer battery ensures the operation of the system at standstill and low speed. The battery is charged by the generator at vehicle speeds above 20 km/h.

Application of a displacement sensor

In some cases it is possible to set up alarm interrupts which will transmit the alarm message instantly.


With M2M data transfer via the mobile network, data can be accessed online at any time from a server. The data can be downloaded using built-in export functionality (csv or xml). The implementation of a user interface, so the data can be integrated in existing systems, is also possible.

Features of the WaggonTracker Advanced

The WaggonTracker Advanced offers the same functionality as the WaggonTracker PS, WaggonTracker MC and WaggonTracker STD. Additionaly, various sensor data/status signals are transmitted.


WaggonTracker Platform

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