WaggonTracker PS - Power Supply

WaggonTracker PS - Power Supply "Autonomous power supply in freight wagons"

A major problem in freight cars is the lack of reliable autonomous power supply.


With the WaggonTracker Power Supply, PJM offers a durable and reliable energy source for wagons.


The rotor of the generator is connected with the axle in a form- and force-locking manner. The built-in carging electronic stabilizes the voltage generator and allows the charging of the batteries, the operation of the WaggonTracker and the supply of external loads (see models).


By a battery, the operation of the system is also possible at standstil or low speed. From a vehicle speed of 20 km/h, the battery is charging from the generator.


To increase the performance of the WaggonTracker, up to three generators can be installed in the housing.


Features of the WaggonTracker Power Supply

The WaggonTracker Power Supply (PS) provides a reliable power supply of freight wagons. Depending on customer requirements it provides for example 5 V, 1 A.


The base version – the WaggonTracker PS – supplies the different WaggonTracker variants with energy. But it can also supply external systems, such as sensors, train control systems diagnostic devices etc. with power.


WaggonTracker Platform

WaggonTracker MC WaggonTracker STD WaggonTracker ADV Modellvarianten